One thing is certain: there is not one garage door fits all. After all, that’s why there are so many options in terms of materials, types, styles, and sizes. And then, there are different types of springs and plenty of garage door opener choices to go with each door. When people are looking for new garage doors, they want to know which material, type, opener, or size will be best for their property.

Their questions range from whether or not to get an energy efficient door to whether to get wood or steel garage doors. But the answers to such questions and all factors influencing your decision come down to a list of 7 crucial features. So, before you start wondering about materials and other features, take a look at these ones – to make your decision easier.

7 critical factors to consider before buying a new garage door

1.  Budget

Whether or not you are on-budget, it’s important to consider the money-issue. Garage door prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. And it’s easy to lose count and thus control since the price tag is not usually the final price you pay. Apart from the door, you will need openers and other parts. And then it’s the cost of garage door installation and the removal/disposal of the old door.


2.  Weather conditions

The weather conditions in your region always influence your decision inweather terms of material. For example, natural wood garage doors are not often recommended in high-moisture areas. Local weather conditions will also affect your decision on choosing or not energy efficient doors. Another factor is extreme conditions, like hurricanes. If your area is prone to tornados and hurricanes, there are most likely local building codes which suggest windload doors.


3.  Location

This has to do with your security and privacy. If your house is in a remote area, where high security doors will make a difference, that’s a factor to consider when it comes to the material, tracks, and opener. You want sturdy materials and powerful motors. If privacy is an issue, you won’t get clear glass garage doors. But if you like this material, you could choose a milky or obscure glass option.


4.  Garage sizeGarage Door

The size of the garage today is important when choosing the type of door. Since it must open with ease, measuring well is vital. But if you are about to get a new door, think of possible future changes in the garage too, like reconstructing the space to make it a two-car garage.


5.  Maintenance expectations

As a rule of thumb, wood doors need more maintenance and composite doors hardly need any maintenance. So, pay attention to the material in relation to the other factors depending on your expectations of the frequency of garage door maintenance.


6.  Personal preferences

Never put your personal taste aside. Once you consider all technical details to be sure of your choice, try to combine them to choose a door you really like. After all, a new garage door installation is usually a once in a lifetime investment.


7.  Architectural appeal of the property

And when you bring your personal preferences in the equation, think of the overall character of your property. You want to compliment the architectural style to increase the resale value too.