Let’s talk about reclaimed wood garage doors. Shall we? They are quite extraordinary! Aren’t they? Wondering what makes them so unique? How can you add warmth to your home exterior just by installing reclaimed wood garage doors?

Let’s follow the rationale.

Due to their size alone, garage doors make an impact. Assuming they are installed at the façade of the home, they do influence the exterior style – big time.

Let us focus on wooden garage doors, now. Since they are made of different timber species, are treated in various ways, and have unique colors, they may all be wood garage doors but they are not all the same. That alone is important – your garage door is not like any other. Plus, it already adds plenty of warmth and elegance thanks to wood.

Now, what is it about reclaimed wooden garage doors that brings the exterior architectural design to another level? Let’s see, starting with the obvious question.

What is reclaimed wood?

The short answer? It’s wood with a past that still has a future. It’s called reclaimed because it has already been used. The common sources include old stables and barns, warehouses and mills, boats and barrels – just name it.

Wood has been used for centuries in the building construction. When old structures are demolished or abandoned, the material is claimed and processed for reuse. That’s all about reclaimed wood.

Now, let’s see why reclaimed wood is a great choice for garage doors.

With reclaimed wood, you get an eco-friendly garage door

There’s no tree cutting for the construction of reclaimed wood garage doors. The prime material is already claimed from old buildings and the only thing done is processing timber, so that you have no problems with pests and possible damage.

Another way of looking at it is that you don’t leave already used materials go to waste.

Reclaimed wood garage doors are versatile

reclaimed wood garage doorsWith time, wood colors change. Since timber is already unique, based on the species, it becomes even more special. The planks may vary in color or not entirely, giving the garage door a rustic or modern feeling – anything you want.

One may use additional planks posed diametrically to create an interesting carriage house garage door. Due to its antique appearance, reclaimed wood is perfectly matched with iron and steel, bringing a more industrial look.

You can actually create any style you want, from a flush minimalistic appearance to Craftsman garage doors. In any case, one thing is certain. The garage door has character – at the very least, it won’t go unnoticed, while the warmth of the aged wood will, surely, dominate.

You get the great reclaimed wood looks, durable garage doors too

Reclaimed wood has already been around for ages. This simply means that it has experienced its share of weathering – a fact that simply reveals its durability. As far as the strength of the material is concerned, it’s also vital to point out here that the wood used in construction once upon a time was much stronger than today. Why? Because, folks let trees grow for decades and decades before they cut them. And then, most buildings were made with wood then and since they focused on stability, they used truly strong lumber. Should I also mention that air pollution was not an issue then?

Reclaimed wood garage doors may be the new guys at your home but come with a history. They have a past and that alone – let alone the warmth and beauty of reclaimed wood, is enough to create a very interesting environment – also, increase the home value.