Add Warmth with Reclaimed Wood Garage Doors

Let’s talk about reclaimed wood garage doors. Shall we? They are quite extraordinary! Aren’t they? Wondering what makes them so unique? How can you add warmth to your home exterior just by installing reclaimed wood garage doors? Read More

Garage Door Torsion or Extension Springs?

Garage door springs vary. They vary in terms of components, function, safety, and brand. They also differ depending on whether they are intended for a one-piece, sectional, or rollup garage door. The most important distinction? Read More

Why Garage Door Cables Come Off?

Facing a problem with the cables of the garage door is a nightmare in itself. And when you thought that things couldn’t get worse, you noticed that the garage door cables keep coming off. So, let’s pause for a minute and pinpoint some facts. Read More

Factors that Affect the Wind Resistance of Garage Doors

It’s hardly surprising that the sales of wind-resistant garage doors have increased over the last decades. The catastrophic effects of hurricanes in the past have resulted in stricter building codes, giving a push to the wind-load garage door sales. Read More

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