When Heavy-Duty Garage Door Openers Are A Must?

When it’s time to choose an opener for the garage door, the decision is not easy. And the question is always the same: which opener is the best for your garage door? Viewed from a slightly different angle, this question could be modified to: which opener for which garage door? Read More

Should You Get Garage Doors with Windows or Not?

Garage door windows add to the higher aesthetics of the home exterior and brighten up the indoor space. No wonder why most people get garage doors with windows! If you could do without them but wouldn’t mind having a garage door with windows too, you are in a tough spot. And we are here to help you make a decision on whether or not you should get a garage door with windows.

Read More

Solutions to Beat the Garage Heat

The heat in the garage can become unbearable when the outside temperatures go up. The problem is that the indoor temperatures are often higher making any activity nearly impossible. The temps indoors are higher for many possible reasons: Read More

How to Prepare Garage Doors for Hurricanes

The whole idea of making it through a hurricane without major losses and property damage is to keep the winds outside. And that’s where preparing the garage doors for the hurricane season makes sense. In spite of their great strength, garage doors become the weak point of your home when the windstorm hits. Due to their size, they may fly off leaving the rest of the home at the mercy of the winds. Read More

5 Benefits of Getting a New Garage Door

There’s no ending to the list of advantages when it comes to getting a new garage door. Who would object to getting a more advanced product from the existing one? This is the common denominator for all potential buyers irrespective of what you consider the most important factor for replacing the garage door. Today, there is a great range of choices among garage doors and the current products are much better than their predecessors. And that’s a good start. Read More

7 Things to Know before You Replace Garage Door Springs

Torsion and extension springs are vital parts of all garage doors. But not all garage door springs are the same. All the same, everything about them is important to the way the garage door works. And so, knowing a thing or two before you have the springs replaced is of the essence. Here we pinpoint 7 main things all garage door owners should know about springs. Read More

How to Transform Your Garage Door without Replacing It

Even if your old garage doors function well, they’ve surely seen better days. Although the main thing is to ensure they run flawlessly so that they won’t be any safety concerns, small transformations that will alter the garage door design will definitely go a long way. With some small makeovers, your garage door looks like new and your home value goes up. Read More

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