What to Test during Garage Door Maintenance

Which part is not absolutely necessary for proper overhead garage door performance? Even a loose nut will cause some kind of trouble. It will create vibration and the part it secures might fall out of alignment. There will be noise and eventually the door might jam or become a safety hazard. Undoubtedly professional garage door maintenance service on an annual basis is vital. But some parts of the garage system should be checked more often. This is important due to their significance to the actual movement of the door and your safety. Which parts are those? The tracks, the springs, and the opener. What you can do? Check and test. Let’s see.

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Main Garage Door Opener Features

There is a whole world of garage door openers out there ready to automatically push the door open and pull it to come down. Do they all groan and squeak? Some still do. But DC openers are much quieter even in their chain drive version. Are there variations among models of the same brand? There are definitely many variations to meet the requirements of all garage doors. And there are special features defining certain brands. Take MyQ technology for example. It has become the trademark of Liftmaster. Aladdin Connect is the new smart device by Genie. Assure Link openers define the latest products by Craftsman. What do all branded openers have in common? They comply with the official safety standards and integrate the required sensing systems to ensure protection.

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Differences between Garage Doors

Nobody can realize how hard it is to choose a new garage door unless they have tasted the marathon of hunting down the best prices and trying to find the most suitable materials. And if such tasks weren’t enough, there is an ongoing enrichment of garage door materials, opener models, designs, and choices to make garage door replacement even more difficult.

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Which Garage Door Spring Is Right for You

garage-door-springDo you know which garage door spring is right for you? Don’t hurry to answer. Think of how much you know about springs. Think of whether or not you know how much your garage door weighs. Consider if you have replaced the door but not the spring. And finally think of how often you open and close the door. All the above matters when you are trying to decide about springs.

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Solutions to Common Garage Door Problems

Garage door problems!!! Who hasn’t gone through such hassle? Affected by the elements – whether it is humidity, snow, or too much sun – but also by daily usage, garage doors can become a great annoyance. And problems range too in terms of how dangerous or serious they are. Garage doors might get stuck in their opening position or midway down, fail to open or don’t open at all. They might make noise, come off the track, and fail to remain open.

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