There are infinite choices when it comes to designing custom garage doors. You take a piece of paper out and it really becomes your blank canvas where you can experiment with different garage door styles until you find the style that best pairs with your home’s architecture and personal taste. So far so good. But sometimes, it’s necessary to include a small or big list of things you like in the garage or activities you might like to engage tomorrow in the garage. This approach will help you focus on the small details that will make all the difference when it comes to the construction of the garage, conversions, or designing an overhead garage door that will offer so much more than beauty. One of the biggest issues in garages is light. There is never enough, especially if you do more than simply park the car there. And so here we are suggesting three ideas of how to bring natural light into the garage.

Garage Door Windows

If you are planning a fresh garage door installation, include windows in theGarage Door Windows design. Unless your garage is under construction now in which case you may add windows, this part of your home will be dark without garage door windows. This is neither convenient nor safe. It’s also expensive if you consider that you must have the lights on at all times when you are in the garage doing laundry, getting the groceries out of the trunk, or searching for an old book.

Now, the drawback of getting garage doors with windows is that they let passerbys view inside. And that’s bad news when the passerbys are potential intruders. The good news is that the windows can be placed in any configuration and as a garage door company would tell you, they are usually placed at the upper part of the door for the avoidance of security concerns. To their defense, the glass of the windows doesn’t have to be clear but frosted, obscure, or milky.

Glass Garage Doors

There is no denying that one of the best ways to let natural light in is by installing glass garage doors. When the entire door is made of glass panels, the sunlight filters in even if the glass is frosted, laminated, or obscure. The choices are actually plenty and once more, for security purposes if not to satisfy personal aesthetics. Since the glass is tempered and the frame made of aluminum, such constructions are robust too.

Garage Skylights

In case you plan the construction of a garage, placing skylights can bring more light than you can imagine. The good news is that there is an option between fixed and ventilated skylights. The latter will give you the chance to air the garage and keep moisture at the lower possible levels so that you will never have to deal with mold in the garage. Skylights take away the fear of security issues that come with glass doors and windows due to their position but pose a problem with a leak if they are not installed and caulked correctly. On the other hand, you get plenty of natural light especially if you cover most of the ceiling’s surface. But skylights are not a good idea for those who want to use the ceiling for storage units.