With the plethora of overhead garage doors on the market, it’s not hard to find several options. What’s hard is selecting the right one for your own home. After all, these types of doors are extremely popular. And since the demand is high, the supply is broad. You can find overhead doors in all sorts of styles, many materials, beautiful designs, and all sizes. You can get off-the-shelf products or have a door custom-made just for you.

3 main questions to answer before you select overhead doors

In order to choose the right overhead door for your home, answer 3 main questions first and then move to details. The main questions would include:

  • Which material do you want? There are wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl,wooddoor composite, and glass garage doors. Choose based on two main criteria: the weather conditions in your location and your garage door maintenance expectations. Remember that too much humidity will make susceptible materials, like wood, rot and warp. If you want resistant materials and minimum maintenance, get composite or stainless steel garage doors.
  • Consider if you want your new garage doors to meet certain requirements. For example, do you want them insulated or resistant to strong winds? Metal doors make the best choice when it comes to energy efficient doors. If you want them extra strong, make sure they are tested for wind impact.
  • If you are not replacing an existing door but want overhead garage door installation for a new construction, make sure you measure well first. Although such doors don’t occupy much space, there must be enough backroom for them to open entirely. But you also need to know the size of the sides and headroom. These calculations are important for the garage door tracks and springs. Also, check the ceiling height and whether a regular ceiling mounted opener would fit.

What more to consider for your new overhead garage door

Remember that overhead doors are actually sectional doors. In other words, they consist of panels, which are hinged together. With that said, remember to consider if you would be interested in pinch-resistant parts. Some doors have safety hinges and brackets to eliminate accidents.

Electric Garage DoorNeedless to say that you must choose the right overhead garage door opener and springs. To choose the right products, find the door first. Its size and thus weight will be the determinant factors to help you get the right garage door motor, spring, but also the tracks and rollers.

Once you are done with all the technical stuff, focus on aesthetics. Decide if you want garage door windows or not. Choose designs and styles. There are unlimited colors and styles but it also depends on the material you choose. Focusing on style is also important since the door must match the architectural style of your home and landscaping to bring out their elegance and thus increase the value of your residence.

All the same, your prime concern is to ensure you get resistant garage doors that will serve you for years to come. Never forget that correct garage door installation is essential too. Mistakes can make the door unsafe and will definitely not accentuate the property.