There is a whole world of garage door openers out there ready to automatically push the door open and pull it to come down. Do they all groan and squeak? Some still do. But DC openers are much quieter even in their chain drive version. Are there variations among models of the same brand? There are definitely many variations to meet the requirements of all garage doors. And there are special features defining certain brands. Take MyQ technology for example. It has become the trademark of Liftmaster. Aladdin Connect is the new smart device by Genie. Assure Link openers define the latest products by Craftsman. What do all branded openers have in common? They comply with the official safety standards and integrate the required sensing systems to ensure protection.

When talking about opener systems, we put an emphasis on their features. Opener differences define their capacities and highlight that there are security features to meet every budget and demand.


What’s common? Safety features

sensors1There are two main sensing features. The contact and non-contact sensors. The former ones will reverse the door once it comes in contact with an obstruction. The latter will reverse the door when the infrared beams are interrupted.

But the sensors and automatic reverse system are not the only safety features. There is also a manual release rope, which allows you to disengage the electric opener and open the door manually should an emergency arises. This is a must by law too.


Security features

One feature common to most garage door opener systems today is the rolling code technology. Up until recently, there was a fixed code which enabled the communication between the garage door clicker and the opener. Today this code is chosen randomly among millions of combinations.

Special security features include:

  • Motion detector lights so that you won’t walk in a dark garage.
  • Lock mode to prevent force entry. Liftmaster openers have the PosiLock feature.
  • Timer-to-close. This is a Liftmaster opener feature allowing you to set the opener to close the door at a particular time (5 minutes after it opens   for example).
  • The Auto Seek Dual Frequency System by Genie ensures the opener will function well even if there is frequency interference nearby.
  • An alarm warning people that the garage door is about to descend. This is important when you control the door from a distance and people inside   the garage must be protected from the closing door.


Standard opener features

There are different opener types, ranging from trolley and hoist to jackshaft openers. The former is the most popular type and supports one of three main lift drive systems: chain, belt, and screw. So the main feature of openers is their motor. And depending on door size and weight, each motor has a different horsepower. Lightweight doors, for example, will open fine with a ½ hp motor. But heavier ones will need ¾ hp, 1 hp, or 1 ¾ hp motors.

One more basic feature, which is nowadays common to most openers, is the backup battery. This enhances convenience since it allows automatic operation during power outage. It charges when the opener works with the electric power and can be replaced.

The last common feature all openers have is the clicker or keyless entry system. Although the latter is very convenient too, garage door clicker remotes are more popular. And most of them are multicode remotes since they integrate two or three buttons in case you want to program more than one openers.