Garage door windows add to the higher aesthetics of the home exterior and brighten up the indoor space. No wonder why most people get garage doors with windows! If you could do without them but wouldn’t mind having a garage door with windows too, you are in a tough spot. And we are here to help you make a decision on whether or not you should get a garage door with windows.

Would you like an energy efficient garage door?

Insulated garage doors do come with windows, too. And today, there areGlass_Garage_doors many options so that you will enjoy good indoor temperatures in the garage, while the rest of the house won’t be affected either. With time, materials only get better and the choices multiply. It’s no surprise that nowadays you can also buy insulated glass garage doors. And if you can do that and still have good indoor temps, you can certainly get aluminum, wood, or steel garage doors with windows without significant heat loss. Pay attention to the word “significant” because when the garage door panel is not solid but has windows, some heat loss is not entirely avoidable – at least over the years. But that’s not always a consideration and is mostly related to the following question.

How do you use the garage?

Garage Door WindowsIf you use the garage as a garage – hence, to park the cars, go ahead and get an overhead door with windows. That’s if you are worried about energy efficiency. But how about if you use the garage as an office or have transformed it into a livable space? Is it wise to get a garage door with or without windows? There are two ways to examine this matter.

On the one hand, someone would argue that if you are going to spend some time in the garage, avoid windows to enjoy better temps. On the other hand, one would say that natural light will make the environment more pleasant and bright. And the latter is possibly the best decision since there’s no much heat loss, anyway.

Are you trying to find cheap garage doors?

If the cost is a consideration and you are in search of cheap garage door prices, skip the windows. Of course, if you do like windows and don’t want to get a garage door without any at all, check out the local prices. Overall, the price tag only goes up when you add extra features. But it won’t hurt to ask a local garage door company!

Do you prefer flush garage doors?

The example of flush garage doors is random in an attempt to say that if you like simple styles, avoid windows. The truth is that today there are numerous garage door window configurations. You may choose among many window shapes, styles, and sizes and have as many as you want be placed in any configuration you like. But if you prefer minimalistic garage door designs, windows are not for you. On the other hand, if you want to break the solid look of the steel or wood garage door and add a decorative element, you cannot go wrong with windows. So, it’s up to your personal taste!

Is security an issue in your location?

It’s not a coincidence that most garage door windows feature at the top panel of the door! This is done for security reasons. Potential intruders may see what’s in the garage or even break the window and attempt an entry. And so, if you have security concerns and don’t want to take any chances, avoid windows. Or place them up high and make sure they are too small for someone to get in. Or keep them small and also order frost glass so that nobody can look inside. There are always solutions.