Who said all garage door openers are more or less the same? There are different types and models to fit each garage door’s needs. But they must all suit your own expectations in terms of speed and power. Everything is important about openers. And so the more you know the easier your choice before garage door opener replacement. In a different case, you end up with the wrong opener in your ceiling trying to reach out to change the bulb. But when it comes to cathedral ceilings and other tall garage constructions, a regular opener won’t do. This explains part of the variations between jackshaft and trolley opener systems. The former is installed on the wall and the latter on the ceiling. But let us take a closer look.


What’s special about jackshaft openers?

jackshaftLet us make clear that jackshaft garage door openers work fine with standard, vertical, and high lift systems. And although they are mostly used in commercial properties (basically due to their high ceilings), they make an excellent solution to residences where the ceiling is already busy or too tall. But the depth of your garage is also important. For trolley garage door opener installation, you need at least 48” clearances over the door.


Things you need to know about jackshaft openers:

  • Door size? Up to 14 feet in terms of its height.
  • Do they work with rolling code technology? Yes, they do.
  • Do they integrate safety sensors? They absolutely do.
  • Do they work with any spring system? Just with torsion springs.
  • They work better with rolling doors.

The traditional trolley opener systems

trolly openerTrolley opener systems are found in most residential applications. But they are very popular in commercial properties too. They utilize a rail and match perfectly with sectional doors. They are considered the standard door openers and utilize one of three different drive types.

  • Chain drive openers utilize a chain, which runs through the rail to pull or push the trolley (or carriage) which in turn activates the attached arm to open or close the door. Since this is a bike-like metal chain, it makes noise unless you pick the most recent DC (direct current) motor with a soft start-and-stop feature.
  • The second most popular choice is the belt driven openers, which resemble the chain with the difference that they utilize a rubber belt to push or pull the carriage. And so there is no noise.
  • The third option is screw driven openers. In this system, there is a threaded steel rod. It does make some noise but not as much as chain drive motors. These opener types have fewer parts but they are not ideal in regions with temperature fluctuations.

Trolley or Jackshaft Openers?

If we compare the two opener types taken that each shares the same exact characteristics in terms of capacities and technical features with the other, they are both reliable. It really depends on the characteristics of your property whether to choose jackshaft or trolley openers. The basic difference is that jackshaft openers are more expensive but there are price fluctuations with trolley openers too depending on drive type. And when it comes to garage door opener repair requirements, although it depends on application and usage, they all need frequent services. After all, your safety depends on their sensors.