The purpose of commercial garage doors is to enhance security, provide the required thermal efficiency, meet the speed requirements of a particular business, and still operate with safety. These factors are vital because garage doors often open straight to the working area. That’s why they are also called commercial doors. Some businesses need to keep specific temperatures indoors to protect their goods.

And so proper insulation is important. Since the nature of business varies among facilities, there must be options among speeds. No wonder then that commercial garage door openers offer high speed choices. But since such doors are operated by several people and there often visitors and workers standing by, they must also be safe.


So commercial doors must meet a number of requirements.rollupcommercial That’s why their features vary. They are actually multi-purpose garage doors since they are often the main entry point of the business and must offer increased security, insulation, safety, and convenience. And that’s what makes them so special. Commercial garage door installation is a very important business investment since many things depend on its operation. And so there are several types to meet every business’s demands but also variations among openers.


Sectional doors

commercial garageMade of steel, sectional doors can be insulated, have wind load resistance, and designed with or without garage door windows. They can be used in both commercial and industrial applications and meet high traffic needs. They can also support heavy duty applications without compromising aesthetics. Although steel is the most popular material, there are also framed glass garage doors for facilities where visual access when the door is shut is important.



Roll up garage doors

Since most commercial doors are rollups, there are several options among them to meet the criteria of different properties.

  • Rolling service doors: They can cover 1500 sq. ft. openings, can be insulated, are designed for heavy duty needs, and are made of low gauge steel gauge. But they also come out in aluminum.
  • Security shutters are special light duty doors designed mostly for retail shops, pharmacies, and other pedestrian traffic areas.
  • If you want air to circulate when the shutters are closed, you need security grilles.
  • Counter doors are ideal for small openings at cafes and other similar retail areas.
  • Whether you need a service or counter door, it can be fire rated. This means that the door will close automatically should a fire breaks out.

Commercial operator choices

Commercial openers must meet the speed demands of each facility and operate heavy and oversized doors. So each brand makes models with powerful motors but also different opener types, which include:

  • Trolley openers – whether chain, screw, or belt drive openers. They are best for sectional doors and can support heavy duty needs.
  • Hoist openers – they are ideal for heavy and medium duty roll ups with high clearance.
  • Jackshaft openers – whether they are light or heavy duty, your shutters, grilles, or roll up doors can be supported by jackshaft openers. They are installed on the wall.
  • Slide openers – they are mostly used for fire doors and heavy duty commercial and industrial doors.