One of the conveniences with garage door openers is that you can choose your way in. Whether you prefer to click or enter a code, access is fast and easy. And all garage door access options are secure since they utilize the rolling code technology. What’s also good news is that almost all openers today can be activated by any means you choose. So the question which requires an answer is which way suits best your needs. So let us explore together the main garage door access options available on the market right now.


Garage door clickers – the traditional way in

Most garage door remote clickers have two or three buttons. That’s whyGarage Door Remote Clicker Dallas they are called multicode clickers. Each button is programmed to work with a different opener. And that’s convenient to properties where there are more than one garage door and/or a gate. Some clickers are universal. This means that they work with all openers. Some are designed to work with specific opener models and brands.

What’s convenient with garage door remote controls is that they can be of regular size or small enough to fit in the key chain. They can be portable but also built in car clickers. The most traditional in-car remote models clip in the visor. The more high tech openers use Homelink.


  • What is Homelink and how does it substitutes the traditional clicker?

Homelink is a wireless control system. Among other things, it will allow you to open and close your garage doors. It works with most vehicles, is easily installed, works with nearly all openers, is versatile since it can also control lighting, appliances, security systems and more, and can’t be stolen – unless your car gets stolen. It’s simply build in your car. And so you don’t have to worry about losing the remote control.


Wireless garage door keypads

Wireless garage door keypads is one step closer to higher technology thangarage door keypads clickers. For those who don’t like to use a garage door remote to gain access, keypads are the best choice. They are mounted close to the door and about 5 feet over the ground. You program them to work with your opener and set up a 4-digit pin, which you enter to gain access to your garage. What’s convenient with keypads is that you can set up any pins you want (for visitors, the gardener, the cleaning lady etc.) and then cancel them. And you don’t have to carry them with you and fear you might lose them like portable clickers.


Your smartphone is your new age clicker

As technology develops, garage door opener remote controls became smarter too. For example, Genie introduced the Aladdin Connect device which allows users to control the opener from anywhere. The same company made the Closed Confirm remote, which works with an adapter, and enables you to see if you have closed the garage door or not.

But one of the greatest breakthroughs in the industry was the MyQ technology by Chamberlain and its brand, Liftmaster. It still allows you to monitor the garage door and activate the opener from any place via your smartphone or computer. So you don’t need a clicker anymore. Your smartphone becomes the remote. And so you carry fewer gadgets and enjoy a high tech opener, which can be controlled no matter where you are.