Garage doors are made with wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and other materials. All these materials are unique as they have different benefits and drawbacks. You’ll find one of these materials more appealing than the others for various reasons.

Whether you’re deciding which material is best for your roll-up garage or sectional door, it’s best to consider factors like climate and weather. Another factor that could affect your choice is the aesthetic you are aiming for.

Look into the most common garage door materials below to know their merits and shortcomings:


You can see a lot of overhead garage doors made of aluminum. This material has many similar characteristics to steel. However, aluminum is cheaper, lighter, and is more prone to dent.


The most popular garage door material that a garage door company would recommend is steel, and it’s for a good reason too. Steel garage doors are durable, reasonably priced, low maintenance, and have various style options. You can also paint them with any color you want, not to mention they are also available in faux wood textures.

When choosing the right color for your steel garage door, the general rule is to choose the one with a color similar to your home’s dominant color. Doing so will make your home look bigger and highlight other aspects of your place. If you can’t decide, you may always choose white.


wood garage doorThe oldest material for garage doors is wood. Choose a wood garage door if you are going for a classic, elegant look. In terms of aesthetics, there’s no doubt that this material is an excellent option. However, you should think about other factors to decide if it’s a practical option. One of those factors is the type of wood to be used.

If your property is located in warm, dry climates, go for cedarwood. Opt for redwood if you want your garage door to hold up better in humid climates. You should stain the wood regardless of which type you choose. This way, it will last longer.

Consider the look you are opting for when choosing the stain color. Usually, the color of the wood becomes different from the color of the stain applied. The reason lies in the type of wood you are going to use. On the other hand, wood is not ideal if you want your garage to be insulated.


It is rare for homeowners to choose fiberglass as the material for their garage door. While it provides better resistance against salt-water corrosion, it is not ideal if you require insulation. Fiberglass is incredibly light, too, and is held by aluminum frames. But because of its salt-water corrosion resistance, fiberglass garage doors are best for coastal locations.

Wood composite

Choose a garage door made of wood composite if you want to achieve the traditional aesthetic of wood, yet need the strength of steel. Wood composite is made of recycled wood fibers. It makes them durable and more resistant to splitting and rot. You can also paint or stain wood composite garage doors.


glass garage doorAre you looking for a garage door material that could complete the modern look of your home? Glass garage doors offer the modern, chic aesthetic that can do that. It’s also a good option if you wish to let more natural light enter your garage. If your garage is small, bringing in more natural light can also make your space bigger.

Meanwhile, glass garage doors are not the best material for a neighborhood with kids around playing ball. Opt for other materials if you also require good insulation and strength.


Just like fiberglass, vinyl is an excellent garage door material for homeowners whose home is in coastal areas. Aside from its resistance to wind and rain, it is also salt-water resistant. Vinyl is also a good insulator, durable, and highly customizable. So if you’re searching for an inexpensive option, consider a vinyl garage door.

Things to consider when choosing materials for your garage

The material you pick for your garage door determines how long you can use it. There are many factors to consider to find the one that fits your needs. Your home’s location is among the most common elements you need to consider when choosing a garage door material. You should also consider how you wish to use your garage door, how durable you want it to be, and the look you are opting for.

In a nutshell, the material of your garage door should have the characteristics required to withstand the environmental conditions of your abode. Aside from that, it should also meet your standards.