What makes homes contemporary is not only their architectural design but also the materials and elements featured on the interior and exterior. When it comes to the latter, garage doors play an important role simply because they occupy a large space. The secret to keeping the home contemporary is to avoid trendy solutions which will pass and go in the blink of an eye. When it comes to new garage door installation, we are talking about a big investment. You want a door that will make the entrance to your garage easy and the exterior of your home stylish.


What to look for when searching new garage doors

glass-garage-doorsTalking about style, it’s important to focus on materials and colors. There is no doubt that wood garage doors are always an excellent choice unless there is high humidity in your area. When it comes to buying new doors, you need to consider your convenience in the future too. It’s nice to invest in style but not on the expense of constantly caring for the door. So what you choose is always subject to location requirements, special needs and tastes.

With that said, choose wood or steel garage doors that will blend nicely with the home’s architectural style. Your choice is not only subject to the current architecture but also what impression you want to make. If your home is traditional and you want to add a modern splash, prefer glass garage doors to break the stiffness of the classic style. If the home is modern and you want to add a touch of elegance, get a dark bronze or greyed barn hues.

And then it has to do whether you want the overhead garage door to stand out or not. If you do, prefer colors which come in contrast to the exterior home hues. Pay attention to colors. They are important. Light grey for the walls and blonde wood for the garage doors is a beautiful combination. Black doors with white walls is also an intense contrast that will energize your home.


Contemporary garage doors should have special features

Apart from the regular mechanical and garage door opener parts, the doorgarage door update can be adorned with hardware whether for functional or decorative purposes. Today you can find lovely handles for the exterior. But the door can also be framed or not. The frameless doors add an extra tone of modernity.

And there is the question of garage door windows some of which might also be opened. As a matter of fact, windows can make a traditional wood door contemporary and will filter in light. There is no doubt that nothing beats the modernity of a glass garage door, especially with the plethora of glass opacity options available on the market.

In order to select the right garage door to enhance the contemporary style of your home, you need to consider the architectural design of the house and your intentions. Blend colors and styles to create a transitional style and never forget that the right combinations bring balance which is what you need for a beautiful home.