Garage door troubleshooting is needed when there is a problem. Let’s say the overhead door won’t open. That’s the problem you experience. But actually this is the symptom of a problem, which causes the door not to open. So, the intention of trouble shooting is to find the problem and then repair it so that the door will open.

What can go wrong with it and why you shouldn’t interfere with such tasks? There are some very good reasons for it and ultimately they all relate to your safety.

Why troubleshooting is not recommended to non-garage door repair experts?

Let’s go back to our example. The garage door won’t open. So, your goal is to find out why. This problem might happen due to opener complications or broken garage door springs. But the door might not open due to ice accumulation. The question is: which part or external problem caused the door not to open? That’s the value of troubleshooting anyway. Why is not recommended for you to do it?

  • Due to inexperience, you won’t know what could possibly cause the door to remain closed. Since you are not a technician, you won’t know which part to check and where to look.
  • Even if you find that the garage door torsion spring is broken, can you be sure that this is the only problem with the door? Sometimes, problems are caused by several parts and/or external factors.
  • And then it’s the matter of solving the problem. If the spring is broken, it’s clear that it must be replaced. But for that, you will need a pro. On the other hands, problems are not caused only by broken parts. A problem might start with the cable coming off the drum or the track falling out of alignment. It’s difficult and risky to engage in such tasks. And this brings us to another major reason for not engaging in repairs.
  • If you attempt to fix a part, you might do it wrong. Even if you know pretty much what to do, you might lack the right gear. And don’t forget that some parts are tensed and so you might get hurt.
  • Last but not least, it’s the issue of choosing the right garage door repair parts. If there is a need to replace the springs, cables, rollers, or another part, will you know which one to choose? Each component is chosen based on the door’s weight and other characteristics. There is not one spring, cable, or track fit all. If you install the wrong part, you will still have a problem and your safety will still be questioned.

In short, troubleshooting garage door problems is not easy because you must know where to look, what to do, and which parts to get. If anything is done wrong during this process, you won’t be safe. And that’s a very high price to pay just to do the job alone. It’s best to turn to a pro.