5 Reasons Why Your Overhead Door Won’t Open

There are many reasons why your overhead garage door won’t work well. If you just pause to consider how many parts such doors have, you won’t be surprised about the frequency of problems. Not that this is an excuse. No matter how many components garage doors have, they should all be in good condition ensuring the door’s good performance. On the other hand, they all wear. Since they are made of steel, they will corrode or break. During the winter, they will contract increasing the number of problems. So, Monday you might be dealing with the overhead door not closing and Wednesday you might not be able to open the door. They are both very serious (and common) problems. Today, let us examine the reasons for the door not opening and what you can do about it. Read More

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage doors say nothing and they will only do so much without the right opener. After all, what makes your overhead door automatic is its electric garage door opener. Such systems go decades back. What’s available today is a whole different story. And that’s because electric openers have come a long way. If you try to find a new one, chances are that you will get a tad confused. So here is a helping hand. Read More