Why Garage Door Cables Come Off?

Facing a problem with the cables of the garage door is a nightmare in itself. And when you thought that things couldn’t get worse, you noticed that the garage door cables keep coming off. So, let’s pause for a minute and pinpoint some facts. Read More

Factors that Affect the Wind Resistance of Garage Doors

It’s hardly surprising that the sales of wind-resistant garage doors have increased over the last decades. The catastrophic effects of hurricanes in the past have resulted in stricter building codes, giving a push to the wind-load garage door sales. Read More

When Heavy-Duty Garage Door Openers Are A Must?

When it’s time to choose an opener for the garage door, the decision is not easy. And the question is always the same: which opener is the best for your garage door? Viewed from a slightly different angle, this question could be modified to: which opener for which garage door? Read More

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