Why Carriage House Garage Doors Gain in Popularity

While carriage house garage doors weren’t very popular 15 years ago, they are the number one preferred style today. One can’t help wondering what happened during these years. And what made carriage style garage doors gain in popularity. Read More

Garage Doors & Humidity: The Eternal Enemies

Garage doors and humidity are not friends. Condensation takes its toll on garage door parts. But it will also cause damage in the garage. So, you have two fronts to battle but one enemy. And although this might seem like good news, it’s hard to beat condensation which is formed during the winter and spring. What you can do though is take measures to minimize the levels of humidity inside the garage and thus prevent damage.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Garage Door for a Lifetime

There are many suggestions on how to make garage door replacement worth the expense today. You can easily find advice and tips on how to choose new garage doors so that you will deal with fewer problems over the years. But how about the existing garage door system? When you are on a limited budget and cannot replace the door, are you in the mercy of problems? Are there ways to keep your door running for years? We suggest 4 ways that won’t only help you keep your overhead garage door for years, but perhaps for a lifetime.

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How to Ensure Your Garage Door Can Protect You

How can your garage door protect you? In several ways. On a day-to-day basis it safeguards your property and increases security. The garage door opener also integrates features that will enhance protection against accidents. In areas where hurricanes and strong storms are an issue, they prevent house damage. It sounds a paradox to say that it is the garage door itself that will endanger the home’s integrity during a fierce storm. That’s due to its large size. In fact, the majority of problems starts with wind entry through the garage door. So what you should do to feel protected?

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How to Choose a New Overhead Garage Door for Your Home

With the plethora of overhead garage doors on the market, it’s not hard to find several options. What’s hard is selecting the right one for your own home. After all, these types of doors are extremely popular. And since the demand is high, the supply is broad. You can find overhead doors in all sorts of styles, many materials, beautiful designs, and all sizes. You can get off-the-shelf products or have a door custom-made just for you.

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Which Garage Doors Are Ideal for Contemporary Homes

What makes homes contemporary is not only their architectural design but also the materials and elements featured on the interior and exterior. When it comes to the latter, garage doors play an important role simply because they occupy a large space. The secret to keeping the home contemporary is to avoid trendy solutions which will pass and go in the blink of an eye. When it comes to new garage door installation, we are talking about a big investment. You want a door that will make the entrance to your garage easy and the exterior of your home stylish.

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Great Ways To Update Your Garage Door

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could update your current garage door? Thanks to the engineers who have designed garage door accessories, this is easier than ever before. Let’s be honest; your garage door a definitely a defining aspect of the way your home is viewed. Instead of remodeling your house to match your garage door, why not remodel the garage to match the house? With all the great ways to update your garage door, it’ll look and function better than ever.

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