Garage doors and windows usually go hand in hand. Or, not. It depends on the homeowner’s aesthetics, the overall home architecture, the garage door style, the location and everything about it – the climate, possible security considerations, et cetera.

So, going (or not) for garage door windows is a big thing. Perhaps, something you discuss and discuss again and you can’t really decide. Because you like garage door windows – that’s taken for granted, but have some considerations. Don’t you?

Let us offer this helping hand you so need in order to decide. Let’s talk about garage door windows and you’ll soon know if you must have them or must not.

Garage door windows & aesthetics

garage door windowsTraditionally, the windows were placed horizontally at the top of the garage door. Today, there are many garage door window configurations. They can be placed at any part of the door, usually vertically on the one side. At the center as well. And the windows differ greatly in terms of size and shape, increasing the garage door style possibilities. All these things help with one more thing. While we are often stuck in relating windows with traditional garage doors, the abundance in shapes and sizes has freed that thought. Contemporary garage doors may feature one single, rectangular window on one side and be absolutely sleek.

Yes, choosing (or not) to include windows in your garage door is a matter of aesthetics. But we wouldn’t have this conversation if you didn’t like them, in the first place. Would we? One thing to consider is not only if you like them personally, but also if they will be a good match for the overall home architectural style. Sometimes, garage door windows mimic the home windows to create a cohesive look – an intended repetition. But if your home is modern and rather minimalistic, it’s best if you go against the “motif” norm and either abandon the idea of getting windows altogether or get some entirely unconventional, like one long window in the middle or on the side.

Garage door windows bring in light

When we talk about garage door windows, we talk about glass surfaces. Consequently, we talk about some level of brightness in the garage. It won’t be the same as if you had glass garage doors, but there would be light – if compared to getting windowless garage doors. Light is good, especially if you spend some time in the garage. Or, if you use this space for other activities.

No energy efficiency considerations

garage door windowsEnergy efficiency is always questioned since some parts of the garage door won’t be insulated. But this is not the case, unless you get plain windows. Plain glass. These days, you can get insulated glass windows for the garage door, with good seals, for seamless energy efficiency. So, no worries about that. Quite the contrary, you will have insulation and sunlight.

The privacy & security considerations

Where there’s glass – even a tiny window, there’s always some security and privacy considerations. These are the disadvantages of garage door windows. But you know what? If you like them so much and try to find solutions to these considerations, there are.

The windows may be single pane, with simulating grilles – not real ones. But they can also have real grilles and thus, the windows are far smaller so that no one can pass through, if we assume that the glass can break. And although, in theory, glass can break, this is hard since all glass panels used for garage doors are tempered – very difficult to break.

As for your privacy, if you want to protect it, you can always get frosted glass panes. “Yes, but then we won’t have the brightness expected”, you may wonder. That’s true. There’ll be light but it won’t be the same as if you had clear glass. But look at it this way: you can have the cake and may not eat it (all) too but most of it. Or, you can get windows extremely thin but long to add style without depriving your family from the privacy everyone deserves. How does this all sound?