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Garage Doors & Humidity: The Eternal Enemies

Garage doors and humidity are not friends. Condensation takes its toll on garage door parts. But it will also cause damage in the garage. So, you have two fronts to battle but one enemy. And although this might seem like good news, it’s hard to beat condensation which is formed during the winter and spring. What you can do though is take measures to minimize the levels of humidity inside the garage and thus prevent damage.

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Oil Tempered vs Galvanized Torsion Springs: Their Pros & Cons

For the sake of argument, let us assume it’s time for garage door torsion spring replacement. You will be given two choices: galvanized & oil tempered springs. Which one will you choose? Without knowing the differences between the two garage door springs, you might find it difficult to select. After all, a torsion spring is just a torsion spring to you. Right? Wrong. Although they are both installed to do the same job, there are differences between them.

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