Trolley vs. Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

Who said all garage door openers are more or less the same? There are different types and models to fit each garage door’s needs. But they must all suit your own expectations in terms of speed and power. Everything is important about openers. And so the more you know the easier your choice before garage door opener replacement. In a different case, you end up with the wrong opener in your ceiling trying to reach out to change the bulb. But when it comes to cathedral ceilings and other tall garage constructions, a regular opener won’t do. This explains part of the variations between jackshaft and trolley opener systems. The former is installed on the wall and the latter on the ceiling. But let us take a closer look. Read More

What Makes Commercial Garage Doors Special

The purpose of commercial garage doors is to enhance security, provide the required thermal efficiency, meet the speed requirements of a particular business, and still operate with safety. These factors are vital because garage doors often open straight to the working area. That’s why they are also called commercial doors. Some businesses need to keep specific temperatures indoors to protect their goods. Read More