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What Causes a Noisy Garage Door Opener?

We all love our garage and our garage door. They work as they were intended to work – most of the time. However, they sometimes fall victim to wear and tear from general usage or other forms of damage. When this happens, particularly with your garage door opener, they can become quite noisy and this becomes a nuisance. Here you will learn the possible causes, as well as expert advice on what to do about it.

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Feel Safe by Fixing Up Your Garage Door Opener Sensors Fast

It’s a wonder how two small devices can make a difference to your safety but also as easily bring disaster in your garage. The sensors make your garage door opener safe. They are actually the main entrapment protection device required by law. All openers manufactured after 1991 must meet the safety standards of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL 325). The additional rule involves having a wall button in the garage. Why is this mandatory? For security reasons.

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