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How to Check the Garage Door after a Storm

The extent of garage door damage after a storm depends on a number of factors. Is the door recently maintained? Is this a wind load garage door? The ratio of wind speed and garage door damage is always relative. When the storm is fierce and the door not ready, the damage is greater. History has proven that high winds and high speed storms have blown away garage doors which in turn have wreaked havoc on the structural integrity of the home. But even if the door seems to be intact at first glance, it’s not necessarily safe. It requires a thorough inspection and most likely several repairs before you trust to use it again.

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How to Select the Best Garage Door Opener for You

You should never let anyone influence your decision when you are trying to select a new garage door opener for you. What’s best for others is not necessarily best for you. Such decisions must be shaped by the door’s size and weight, your personal preferences, and your family’s expectations.

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