While carriage house garage doors weren’t very popular 15 years ago, they are the number one preferred style today. One can’t help wondering what happened during these years. And what made carriage style garage doors gain in popularity. A study conducted by DASMA reveals the reasons why carriage styles have climbed to the top of the garage door sales list. Here we are going to examine the reasons for the carriage garage door boom.

Carriage house garage doors were always a favorite choice

Let’s make one thing clear. It’s not that people didn’t like carriage garage doors nearly two decades ago, but the price was too high. This was the period of economic recession while the raised panel sectional door cost was lower. People had no reason to invest in the more expensive carriage doors. They love them from afar. And then the economy improved while the prices of carriage doors dropped. And so, the demand increased too. Factors, which always influence one’s decision, are the personal taste, home style, and the location. It seems that many homes fit this profile. Why? Because the sales of carriage residential garage doors skyrocketed. And for a good reason too.

Elegant appeal

Carriage garage doors are interesting. People got tired of the plain whitecarrige_style_garage_doors garage doors. They started searching for more intricate designs that will also be unique. Carriage doors came to fill this gap. The options among designs are infinite. The design may feature short or long panel doors. Or diagonal, vertical, and horizontal rails crisscrossing. They usually have windows. But the configuration possibilities are nearly endless while the color is not necessarily brown. The customer can choose from a variety of stain and paint options.

Practical performance

The main characteristic of carriage house garage doors is that they look like the traditional swing-out doors but have the advantage of overhead doors. In other words, they give the impression that they swing out but they open up just like overhead garage doors. This is an advantage since it combines the vintage beauty of traditional carriage doors with the functionality of overhead doors.

Many construction options

garage-doors1Carriage house doors come out in different thickness options and can be insulated. Although the traditional ones were made of wood, most popular carriage house doors today are made of steel. Wood has disadvantages while stainless steel with the appearance of wood lasts longer and is more durable. Of course, you can also find aluminum garage doors with overlays but most people opt for steel due to its strength.

The great boom in carriage house garage door sales

Now, the benefit is that each manufacturer makes a large number of carriage doors and offers many options among styles. If you consider that you can invest in a product that has the elegance of wood but the advantage of steel garage doors and still pay an average price for it, it’s no wonder why carriage doors have become popular. If you add to that the endless possibilities of decorative hardware, window designs, colors, and sizes, you can understand why carriage doors have become the number one choice among most people. Over the years, technology has improved and the carriage house garage door styles have multiplied accordingly to meet the needs of more and more people. With the carriage garage door prices approaching the cost of traditional doors, the sales boom became possible and so your chance to get a unique product too.