You may hardly spend any time in the garage other than parking or getting in the car to come or go. But you need an insulated garage door all the same. You may consider it an extra expense; a considerable expense, if you will, given that energy efficient garage doors cost more than non-insulated ones. And so, if you don’t really spend time in the garage, why spend more?

The short answer? Because you will spend less in the future. And because the indoor environment will change dramatically.

What’s the purpose of investing in an insulated garage door?

garage door insulationInsulated garage doors are great whether your location suffers the most in the cold or warm season. You see, the main job of insulation materials is to keep the indoor temperatures intact – to put it simply. To ensure that the conditioned indoor air is not affected by the outside temperatures. And that’s good, whether it’s hot or cold outside.

Why should you care about the garage door insulation?

People, who have turned their garage into a living space, need their garage door insulated. It makes perfect sense. Say, you make this space a home office. Wouldn’t you want the ideal temperatures? When this part of the house is used for any activity at all, it’s also equipped with an air conditioner or some form of heating. But try approaching the steel garage door when it’s cold and you will immediately feel the difference. You will also feel like you consuming energy for nothing.

Is your garage just a garage?

Residential garage doors are attached to the home. Any air draft entering the garage from outside also finds its way to the rest of the house. So, don’t underestimate the importance of some high R-values when it comes to steel or aluminum garage doors. When the temps in the garage are controlled – or not affected by the outdoors, the whole house doesn’t suffer either.

Energy efficient garage doors reduce your expenses

You may be postponing the installation of a new insulated garage door due to its high price, but wait until you see the utility bills drop. Then, you will be happy. Then you will realize how much it was worth paying upfront and having to pay much no more down the road. Since the home’s temps are not affected by the garage, your heater and AC work just fine and make a difference. You don’t have to reset the temps due to energy loss. On top of that, such appliances don’t struggle to deliver and so, they last longer. You actually benefit from saving energy and by keeping such appliances for longer than you initially thought you would.

Is the insulated overhead garage door enough to beat the weather?

garage door insulationAs long as you get the right energy efficient garage door – in terms of insulation materials and R-value, the difference will be tremendous. But you still need to remember the important role of weather seals. Garage door weather strips also keep the warm or cold air drafts out. They keep the air drafts from entering through the top, side and bottom part of the door. And so, while an insulated garage door will make a dramatic difference, it is that along with the weather seals that will actually beat the weather.

Will a garage door insulation kit make a difference?

Better some than no insulation. Surely, investing in a new insulated garage door is the best thing you can do. A new garage door is always a new garage door. If you get a door with two or three layers and also, polyurethane insulation that is injected to occupy the entire cavity between panels, the results will be astonishing.

But if such a project is not in your imminent plans, you can still add insulation foam panels behind the door and you will still notice a difference. It won’t be the same as having a new door but along with the weather strips, it will make some difference.