Do you jump just with the thought of having to get a new garage door opener? You don’t like it one bit. We know. Although having a new garage door opener installed is not a big hassle, it’s still a hassle. And it’s an additional expense. But think of these two crucial things:

  1. You don’t have to seek a garage door opener replacement every time you face a problem. Up to a point, problems with the sensors, the chain, the motor, or the belt can be fixed.
  2. But there comes a time when having the opener replaced is the best thing you can do if you want to continue using an automatic garage door and fear not for your safety.

So, let us explore the latter: the need to have the garage door opener replaced.

When it’s necessary to get a new garage door opener?

  • The existing garage door opener is damaged

banner-openersOpeners may get damaged for all sorts of reasons – when they are hit, dropped, worn, or affected by the elements. In most cases, the components of the opener become damaged or broken. But if the opener is an old model, you may not find a replacement on the market. Or it might not be worth searching for the component at all.

When there’s some form of damage or some sort of a problem, replacing the opener is a one-way street. Sometimes, having the opener replaced is not really an option. When the possibilities of garage door opener repairs are exhausted and you did your best to keep the opener for as long as possible, it’s time to invest in a new model.

Which are the usual signs it’s time to replace the opener? When the reverse mechanism doesn’t work as it should and cannot be fixed. When your garage door opener problems are fixed but recur in the near future. This is a clear sign that you played your part in trying to keep the old opener running but it’s now time to find a new one.

  • Your opener is too old

It’s highly unlikely to still have an opener that dates prior to 1993 – when the safety standards became a must. But if you do, lose no more time. Have the opener replaced today, if possible.

  • You want to upgrade to a smart garage door opener

Sometimes, the opener still works fine and does what it supposes to do but we get fascinated by the new products on the market. Keeping consumers tempted to buy new products is a common marketing technique. But when it comes to electric openers, it’s worth considering your options. Why? Because the opener industry is highly affected by new technology. The new openers have all sorts of safety and security features. Features you can choose, features that can help you use the garage door remotely, a battery backup system, etc.

  • You like to get a jackshaft opener

jackshaftJackshaft openers are mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. They are not suitable for all garage doors and thus, you will need a pro to check your place. But if you decide to do some home improvements and could use the garage ceiling for any other purpose than installing the opener, that’s one more reason for looking at your options.

Think of your safety, if not your security

Finding a new opener every few years is a wise choice. After all, there are so many advantages with new openers that’s a pity for you to miss out! But first and foremost, it’s a matter of security and mostly, safety. New openers offer greater protection in terms of security. Evolved and tested to meet with the recent safety guidelines, they offer greater protection when it comes to your safety too. Old openers don’t. And your safety is perhaps the ultimate reason for investing in a new opener.