When electric garage door openers don’t work correctly or fail to meet all current industry standards, it’s time to take the big step. Getting a new opener is a big deal, but not all that big a deal either – if you follow. In other words, you will feel the difference because modern openers have nothing to do with their ancestors but the price is reasonable and so, you shouldn’t worry. All the same, you shouldn’t run to find a garage door opener replacement the first time you run into problems. But sometimes, having the opener replaced is rather a must. Here’s the list of top 5 reasons to replace the garage door opener.


The opener is old

opener1You most likely have a garage door opener produced after 1993 – that’s when the UL 325 standards were issued. But even so, that’s a long time. Since 1993, the opener market has come a long way. Old openers are not equipped with the modern safety and security features and so their capacities are limited. Nowadays, most electric openers are DC motorized too while you probably have an AC garage door motor. The difference? Your opener cannot support a backup battery or high-tech features.


The opener repair cost is high

How many times did the opener break down this year? When the garage door opener repair cost starts burdening the family budget, it’s a sign that it’s time for its retirement. And it’s not just the cost! If you need repairs often, you face problems often. That’s bad news. Don’t forget that the role of openers is not just to make garage doors automatic but also ensure their safe operation, increase security, and offer convenience. When all that goes down the drain, it’s time to consider a new garage door opener installation.


You want quieter operation

If you had a chain drive garage door opener installed at one point but noisy Garagecannot stand the noise, you have a good excuse to get rid of it. The good news is that the new chain drive openers don’t make the same loud noise, although they are still noisy. But if you cannot sleep well or relax due to the noise, you can just call a company to install a belt drive opener.

You love smart openers

If you are a fan of home automatic systems and want to connect the opener too, you need to get a new one. Smart openers are useful to the people who spend most of the day away from home and want to be able to open or close the overhead garage door from a distance. They are useful to all those of you who prefer to use the smartphone to open the electric garage door and love all the bells and whistles new technology brings to the table.

It’s time for an upgrade

You need a new opener when the existing one just won’t do anymore. One of the most important reasons for having the opener replaced is your safety. You need an opener with a reversal system AND photoelectric eyes. And then, it’s a matter of keep increasing home security. Having an opener that runs on a rolling code technology was the first step. Now, openers incorporate more security features, like the one that closes the garage door automatically if you forget it open. Lastly, an upgrade is useful for your convenience. Apart from all technological marvels, even the simplest new age opener comes with a backup battery which allows you to use the electric garage door even if the power is out. Now, that’s one more reason for considering an opener replacement.

Investing in a new opener is not a luxury, but a necessity. Should you feel that your existing opener doesn’t meet your needs anymore, is not reliable, costs much to keep, or does more harm than good, it’s time to go shopping.