Torsion and extension springs are vital parts of all garage doors. But not all garage door springs are the same. All the same, everything about them is important to the way the garage door works. And so, knowing a thing or two before you have the springs replaced is of the essence. Here we pinpoint 7 main things all garage door owners should know about springs.

Garage door spring systems

You most likely know that there are two types of garage door springs – the torsion spring and the extension springs. But not all torsion springs are the same and neither are the extension springs. They are all made to meet the requirements of all garage door types. And so there are extension springs for sectional garage doors but also for roll up doors. And although most springs are oil-tempered, there are zinc galvanized ones too. The latter ones look better but lack the strength of their oil-tempered counterparts and there’s often a need for spring adjustment.

Garage door weight

The weight but also size of the garage door (one influences the other) is the main determinant of the spring selection. The garage door spring replacement must be strong enough and of the right size to meet the door’s requirements. All springs are manufactured to last for a certain number of cycles whereas each cycle equals with one opening & closing of the garage door. But not all springs are made to last for the same period of time. Most springs last for about 20 thousand cycles but some last for 10 thousand cycles and some for longer. All the same, not all springs last for as long as they were designed to last. If they are not lubricated and maintained or the weather is bad, they might break earlier. The size/model of the spring is often but not always inscribed on the product. This helps you find what you are looking for when you seek solutions for the broken spring replacement. If you can’t find or read it, you need to weigh the garage door or measure the springs but measuring broken springs is very hard. That’s one reason why you need a garage door company to do the job for you.

Two-torsion spring systemsGarage Door Torsion Spring Dallas

Some garage doors utilize two torsion springs. If one torsion spring breaks, the other one takes all the weight of the door and so gets damaged sooner than later. Anyhow, springs are usually installed together. If one snaps, soon the other will follow. It’s often best to have both springs replaced.

Extension springs

Extension springs come in pairs. Just like two-torsion spring systems, they don’t necessarily break together. But they should be replaced together. It’s not a coincidence that extension springs are also known as counterbalance springs. Both of them together create the necessary counterbalance for the garage door. If one of them is weaker than the other, the counterbalance won’t be right and the safety concerns plenty.

Garage door balance

Proper garage door balance is a must. If the balance is not right, the garage door will not work correctly and will be unsafe. This has to do with the way springs are adjusted. One of the roles springs have to play is to balance the garage door. When they get loose, they need to be adjusted or replaced.

Safety cables

The safety cables are important components of extension springs. They are laced through the springs to keep them from flying in the garage if they break. Springs usually fly in the garage due to their tension and this is a major concern since they don’t only cause property damage but might hurt severely anyone found in their way. So, if you intend to install extension springs, add safety cables too.

Spring safety

Springs are perhaps the most dangerous parts of the garage door followed by the cables and the brackets. The garage door cables are connected with the springs and are attached to the bottom bracket. And so, if the tension of the springs is suddenly released, accidents may happen. You shouldn’t tamper with the springs, cables, or brackets. There are tamper-resistant brackets these days if you want to feel safer. And you should remember that no garage door springs repair or replacement is a DIY job. Not only should springs be fixed or adjusted correctly but if they snap by mistake, they might seriously hurt you.