Let’s call a spade a spade. Garage doors are dashing only when they look at their very best and function flawlessly. Nobody will be impressed by a rotten sectional garage door with falling parts that makes a loud noise and fails to close all the way down. So turning an eyesore garage door into a dashing garage door is more than just adding a few trims or repainting it.

Have all the necessary garage door repairs done

A malfunctioning overhead garage door is hardly attractive and surely a potential danger. By having the necessary repairs done but also the garage door maintained, you cover both needs: visually pleasing results and safe performance.

Check the garage door opener horsepower & springs

Although most residential garage doors will work just fine with ½ HPSprings Repair motors, not all of them weigh the same. Before you make any change, you should start by checking the garage door’s weight. The garage door springs must have the power to control the door’s movement. The motor’s horsepower must suffice for the door’s weigh. Any change you do that might change the weight of the garage door must be taken into account. For example, if you add trims and hardware or get a bigger overhead door, you need to make sure the springs and opener are good for it. Problems with the garage door’s performance will diminish its dashing looks.

Alter the garage door style

GarageDoorTypesNow that you are all set about what garage door repairs and changes you might need to do, it’s time to focus on appearances. One way to make an ordinary garage door extraordinary is by adding elements or changing the color in a way that will alter or enhance its style. A traditional carriage house garage door doesn’t necessarily have to be brown. It can be grey or green. What will increase its flair would be additional elements, like trims in different colors, vintage hardware, a pair of lights on the two external sides etc. Anything that will make the garage door stand out.

Invest in a new garage door type

There’s no doubt about the convenient way sectional and roll up garage doors move. It’s not accidental that they are the most popular garage door types on the market. But if you have the space and the money for a new garage door replacement, wooden bifolding garage doors will be just splendid.

When it comes to the garage door design, be daring

Dare to paint the garage door in bold colors, invest in special designs, and check out ideas that you are not used to see around much. We often fall into the trap of choosing garage doors we’ve seen around. The eye is used to certain styles and will automatically toss different garage door design ideas. Don’t do that, but don’t choose a design that doesn’t represent you or doesn’t meet your home’s style either.

Sometimes, the design speaks on its own. If you can invest in glass garage doors, there’s nothing else you can do. They are extraordinary by nature. Reclaimed wood garage doors will also make a difference. The material will do all the talking while a slatted design will take its looks to a different level. If you want to get a new garage door, focus on designs that will be like no other.