Even if your old garage doors function well, they’ve surely seen better days. Although the main thing is to ensure they run flawlessly so that they won’t be any safety concerns, small transformations that will alter the garage door design will definitely go a long way. With some small makeovers, your garage door looks like new and your home value goes up. That’s a win-win and definitely worth the time and small expense.

If you cannot afford a garage door replacement right now, there is no reason not to make some changes that will cheer you up and won’t cost you much. It’s vital to remember that the style and color of the garage door must match the style and colors of the home’s façade. Whatever changes you want to make, the goal is to create a cohesive look that will bring harmony without screaming its presence. These are a few of the things you can do to transform your garage door.

Stain to get a wood garage door effect

If you love the charm of traditional brown wood garage doors but yours is vanilla and indifferent, you can stain it to get the expected results. This is a very good idea when the overhead door is worn due to the elements and you like to hide its imperfections. You simply have to wash it up first, let it dry, and then apply the primer and the glaze. Once it dries out, you can use a clear finish to make sure the stain lasts longer.

Make a simple garage door a carriage house door

All you need to do is add the hardware that will give the impression thatcarrige_style_garage_doors this is an authentic carriage garage door. The features that made these garage doors unique were the attention to the decorative elements and the fact that they swung open. You most likely have an overhead door and the truth is that currently carriage doors all open like classic overhead doors do. They don’t swing open but move upwards. What you can do is add trims in any direction you like – X, L,V etc. Today, you can find all sorts of decorative garage door accents and only pay a small amount of money. They usually feature magnets so that they will be placed onto the door with ease and without causing damage. Make sure to place these decorative elements at the four edge corners but also put handles at the center to give the impression that the garage door can be pulled to swing-open.

Refresh style with new garage door windows

Garage door windows come out in different shapes, sizes, and forms. You can place them at any configuration you like although they usually occupy the top part of the garage door for security purposes. If you can add windows or more windows on the door, go ahead and do it since you’ll bring more light in. If this is not possible with your garage door or due to the limited budget, you can create the impression of having multiple windows by making faux ones. You won’t get the sunlight but will steal the impressions. How to create faux windows? You just need to place a tape around the top rectangular sections of your raised panel garage door and paint within the limits of the tape with black paint.

Garage doors can be transformed as easily as simply having the color changed or adding a few decorative elements. By doing so, you protect their surface and prolong their lifespan a little bit more.