The heat in the garage can become unbearable when the outside temperatures go up. The problem is that the indoor temperatures are often higher making any activity nearly impossible. The temps indoors are higher for many possible reasons:

  • The garage door is not insulated
  • The garage door color is dark
  • There’s no ventilation in the garage
  •  The garage is crowded
  • The moisture is high

The best ways to beat the heat in the garage

Any source of heat will make the space warmer. Lack of ventilation will make things worse. Now, there are some things you can do to improve the conditions in the garage when the temps rise high and there are some things you can avoid. So take a look at some solutions to this problem.

  • Don’t take the car inside if you’ve been driving for a while and the engine is very hot. Even if you drive a short distance, the engine will still be hot and thus will make the indoor heat worse. Prefer to park outside for a little while.
  • Invest in an energy efficient garage door. If it’s nearly time to have yours replaced, prefer an insulated one. This doesn’t work in your benefit only during the cold months but when it’s hot too. An insulated garage door replacement will not only keep the warm waves from entering indoors but the cool air from escaping too.
  • garage-insulationYou can actually insulate the entire garage and this will be proven handy if you use this space for plenty of activities – other than parking the car. From insulating the floors, walls, and ceiling to installing garage door weatherstripping, there is a number of things you can do to control the indoor temps.
  • Remove clutter from the garage. Today, there are many garage storage solutions and so you can find smart and cost-effective ways to keep everything neat. When spaces are cluttered, they produce more heat because they disturb airflow – let alone the high levels of dust that will only make you cough and suffer when you are in the garage.
  • Invest in a ventilation system. In its simplest form, a ventilation system is passive since it doesn’t consume any energy but feature these spinning turbines which remove heat from indoors with the power of air. If you can afford a mechanically powered ventilation system, it will do a much better job.
  • If you do spend time in the garage and try to find effective ways to reduce heat, you cannot do better than installing an air-conditioning. A ceiling fan can also do some work but not as well as ACs. Remember that today there are some portable units while some models require a venting system too.
  • Now, if you have done anything your pocket allows you to do but you still suffer when it gets hot, engage in any activity you want when the sun is not hitting directly the garage. Prefer to exercise early in the morning or late at night and avoid mid-day activities that will exhaust you.

Every little step you can take to reduce the heat in the garage will simply make your life a lot easier. The important thing to remember is that today there is a number of solutions on the market whether you want to insulate the garage door or ventilate the garage.