Facing a problem with the cables of the garage door is a nightmare in itself. And when you thought that things couldn’t get worse, you noticed that the garage door cables keep coming off. So, let’s pause for a minute and pinpoint some facts.

  • CableOne of the most common garage door problems is the cables off track.
  • Another similar problem is when the garage door cables come off the drum.
  • Even if the cables are put back, they may still slip off and keep doing so.
  • It’s important to remember that the garage door cables and the springs work hand in hand.

All the above are facts. Now, let us take a look at the problem. Why do garage door cables come off? And why sometimes they slip off the track and some other times, they slip off the drum? To answer this latter question, let’s say this. Not all cable assemblies are exactly the same. It depends on the garage door springs.

Not all garage door cable assemblies are the same

The cables that work with extension springs utilize a pulley system and are attached to the tracks. And so, when something goes wrong, they usually come off the garage door tracks. With torsion spring systems, the cable assembly is a bit different. The spring is connected to the cable through the shaft and the cable drum. When the spring creates torque, the power is transferred to the drum via the shaft. The drum turns to pull the cables, which take turn to pull the door.

Why should you care about the garage door cable & spring system?

Garage Door CablesWhy are all these things important? Because they give you some idea of how this garage door lifting system works and thus, an idea of the possible culprits. It’s also a reminder about the dangers of garage door cable repair services. With the springs involved, you don’t want to take chances. And there’s more. If you are wondering why the cables keep coming off once you put them back, remember this: spring and cable services must be done accurately. If the cables are not fixed right, they will keep coming off. It’s as simple as that.

So, why do garage door cables come off?

  • Because the garage door cables are damaged. Or the cable drums are damaged.
  • Because the spring is broken. Don’t forget that the weight of the garage door is held by the torsion spring. This is the muscle. If it breaks, the cables will unwind and the door will crash. If the door utilizes extension springs and one spring breaks, the door will sag on the side and the cable will come off. Both situations are bad. But in the case of the torsion spring, it’s best to have two springs installed.
  • The cables are not appropriate for the garage door. All parts are chosen based on the size, type, and (mainly) weight of the garage door. For cables, the door height plays a huge role too. If the wrong cables and drums are used, they may not hold the weight and get frayed faster.
  • The spring is not tensed correctly. The spring tension determines the garage door balance. But not all garage doors need the same tension. Now, if the spring tension is weak, the cables will most likely unwind. If the spring is over-tense, the cables will jump off the drum.
  • Too much human force may also lead the cables off. That often happens when the garage door is used manually and we put more force than required to open and close the door.
  • Cables come off when the garage door rests on an object and so, sags to the side. With automatic garage doors, this may happen when the safety features of the opener are broken or problematic.

Our advice? Don’t take risks. Neither with cable problems nor cable services. Instead of taking chances, find quick and professional solutions if your cables came off.