We are always skeptical when asked to accept new things, integrate new technology in our life, make changes that will put the tried and tested to the time-closet.

And so were we when the first smart garage door openers were introduced on the market. Even now, in an age when most people own at least one smartphone, the garage door remote clicker is the main means to gain access. So, what is this? Are there some serious disadvantages with WiFi smart garage door openers or are we just in fear of new technology?

What is the WiFi smart garage door opener?

WiFi smart garage door openers take access to a new, very high level. Smart openers connect to the internet via the WiFi network. And all you need – other than that, is a related app downloaded to your smartphone. Basically, your smartphone becomes your new garage door clicker. Instead of pressing a button, you tap. There’s also a sensor placed on the garage door and it communicates with the opener, letting it know the status of the door.

What do smart WiFi-enabled garage door openers do?

Smart Garage Door OpenersThey turn on the lights. They really do. You see, smart openers can be considered parts of automated homes. All you need is the right devices and apps and then, your return to a home with the lights on, with the turkey cooking.

But let us focus on the automatic garage door operation.

The greatest benefit of investing in a smart garage door opener is your peace of mind. You won’t ever have to think about whether or not you left the overhead door open again. How many times did you pop to the grocery store or were just about to park the car to get to the office and realized that you can’t remember if you closed the garage door! Don’t be embarrassed. It happens to everyone.

With WiFi garage door openers, you are in control

With a WiFi garage door opener, you won’t worry anymore. You simply check the status of the garage door on your smartphone. You can actually close and open the garage door, no matter where you are. And that’s a huge benefit – and not only when you forget the door open. But also, when you want to open it to let the kids in. Or to let a delivery man leave a parcel. And don’t you worry about the security of your home. Nowadays, there are smart garage door openers with cameras too. You can witness in real time what’s going on at your home.

You also get alerts. Say someone opens the overhead garage door. You will get a notification, while you also have access to the history of the garage door’s movements.

WiFi smart garage door openerPlus, you always know where your smartphone is and so, forget about searching for the garage door opener remote, losing it, protecting it.

So, there are perks. Are there any disadvantages? The answer is simple. There are no shortcomings. Smart openers are easy to use and so, are great even for those who know nearly nothing about new technology and high-tech gadgets. And then consider all the advantages:

  • Easy access
  • Remote control
  • Alerts
  • Easy to connect with other smart devices
  • Increased security

Not only do smart WiFi garage door openers simplify life but give you the chance to further increase safety and security with additional features. Take, for example, the pair of a smart opener and a smoke detector. If some dangerous fumes and smoke build up, you get an alert to open the garage door and let the fumes out. You basically kill two birds with one stone.