The Benefits of Two Garage Door Springs

With standard size residential garage doors, one torsion spring has traditionally been the norm. Lately, having two torsion springs instead of one is considered a much better option, even if the garage door is not necessarily extremely heavy, or oversized. And we are here to see why. Read More

Garage Door Conversion: When & Why You Need It

It’s debatable whether or not converting two single garage doors into one double garage door is a good thing. As a matter of fact, some people want the exact opposite – hence, the double garage door converted into two single garage doors. So, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to garage door conversions. Read More

Can You Really Breathe Life into the Old Garage Floor?

The very first garage floor cracks usually go unnoticed. A while later, they make the concrete garage floor more interesting. Not long after, you start to get worried. It’s not just about appearances anymore but about serious problems due to damage. Read More

Add Warmth with Reclaimed Wood Garage Doors

Let’s talk about reclaimed wood garage doors. Shall we? They are quite extraordinary! Aren’t they? Wondering what makes them so unique? How can you add warmth to your home exterior just by installing reclaimed wood garage doors? Read More

Garage Door Torsion or Extension Springs?

Garage door springs vary. They vary in terms of components, function, safety, and brand. They also differ depending on whether they are intended for a one-piece, sectional, or rollup garage door. The most important distinction? Read More